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So in the past 24 months, I have competed in 11 competitions and its been the same thing I am usually anywhere from 50-70 lbs heavier than the majority of competitors. I am a 6 foot 3 - 285lb former college lineman and heavyweight wrestler with a 19% BF ratio now. So no matter how much I try to lose, I am just a big guy and won't ever be close to 200lbs like the majority of competitive crossfitters.

I travel alot for my work with Wounded Veterans and nearly every box I drop in at there are several bigger guys who are strong but they know that no matter what they are not gonna be able to do pull ups/rope climbs/gymnastic stuff like the smaller guys.

Is there was a competition for heavyweights (guys over 220lbs), heavier weights on the lifts, more strong man stuff, or doing things like burpees or toes to bar and instead of trying to keep pace with a 5' 5" 165 lb person - you are matching someone your size?

If there isn't one, do you think that there would be a market for one?
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