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Re: Affiliation

Ok so quick update:

it took 3 weeks 5 days for my essay approval, but I needed to resubmit my name as the 1st one I chose was too close to another box name and my others were no good as they too closely referenced large city/town, I found this out 4 days after re-submission.

The 2nd submission, was denied as well as it too was to close to another box name. Some may say, 'well why didn't you check?'. I did, I googled my name choices, I typed the name choices as though they were URL's and nothing came up on google or otherwise, neither did the close variations. Both similar named boxes don't have websites yet (must be new affiliates like myself), so their URL's didn't show. No way for me to check.

Got an email this morning that this 3rd submission for name choice has been approved and all the formal documents have been sent for me to proceed.

I hope this helps anyone now or in the future who may be looking for answers as to how long some things take and some reasons why they do.
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