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Re: Affiliation

Originally Posted by Jeff Enge View Post
I have nothing useful to add, I'm just curious - did your names get rejected because another CF was already using it, or what?
They didn't say in the 1st approval, new-name submission email. But I did get a long list of guidelines that i need to keep in mind when choosing a name.

Does anyone know when CrossFit HQ changed their naming guidelines.

From CrossFit HQ: "For the most part, our naming guidelines are as follows:

Basically, it's no continents, countries, provinces, regions, states, counties, large cities, religious references, movie names, celebrity names, personal names, trademarked names, government agencies, or names that are already taken. As long as no one else has it or has applied for it, and it's a name we will license, you'll be good to go."

Does that mean there will be NO MORE boxes named after towns, cities, suburbs or the like? There will be some very creative names coming into existence real soon if that's the case.

I did ask in my return email for the reason as to why my original name choice was rejected, but no reply yet.

It's hard to now be waiting as I'm all but ready to open, but can't. I was calm up until getting my essay approved email as I knew it would take 5-6 weeks, but now the waiting is killing me.
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