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Re: Gaining Strength - Just crossfit?

I need to make a recipe for these kinds of posts to copy and paste. Follow my guidelines and get bigger:

1. Don't limit yourself by eating paleo and trying to gain weight, or if you must eat that way you need to be crushing tubers like they called you a dirty name.

2. Drop the conditioning to very short 10 min intense intervals and skip the longer grinders all together

3. Dedicate to s solid strength program, 5-3-1, Mason's 6x6 program, madcow 5x5, Greyskull LP, any of them will work for you. Just choose one and do it verbatim for at least 3 months. Higher volume 5x5 will be better if weight and muscle is what you desire.

4. Track calories with an app like myfintesspal or equivalent. You can probably start at 3000 calories. If you see no results or too much fat add or subtract 500 calories to see the results you want.

I highly recommend ditching paleo and eating lots of rice, oats, potatoes, etc Drink milk instead of water (not during workout) and worry about veggies later. They take up carb room. If you want veggies, blend them in a mixer with some whey and milk or something flavorful like ice cream. I can add two cups of spinach, fruit, keifer and ice cream and make a tasty weight gainer shake.

When all else fails and you get lazy, buy weight gainer and drink it every day either post workout of some time after dinner when you don't have to worry about it competing with your food intake.
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