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Re: Running a garage box

I experienced VERY low growth running out of my garage.

it's a great way to start, but your main goal should be to practice coaching, create your brand/system/unique identity, and then unleash it upon the world via a move to a (in potential client's eyes) REAL SPACE.

a toilet, a parking lot and some lights and signs=legitimacy, and no fear of rape.

My clientele is 75% women. They want a decent and legit looking place to train.

2 years of garage=15 new clients

1 year in the burbs in a warehouse=30 new clients

90 days of nice place, in the middle of the city with a great system in place = 50 new clients.

Not saying these are laws of nature, just what I experienced. I was an experienced coach when I affiliated, not a newb.
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