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Shaun Gross
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Re: Shaun's workout log

Monday 30 December 2012

I've been away at the beach for 4 days. It was amazing although I ate like crap (which is pretty common for me I must admit). A lot of relaxing but I still came back feeling exhausted..

I thought I'd get back into it today with something moderately heavy


20kg x 2 x 3
40kg x 2 x 3
50kg x 2
60kg x 2
70kg x 1
80kg x 1
85kg x 1,1,F,F,1

These were a little bit off today. Doing it on my crappy bar (in comparison to the nice Chinese bars at the weightlifting club) made a difference for the worse..

Clean and Jerk

105kg x 3 x 1

Not the greatest today, especially the jerk which was appalling

Back Squat

120kg x 1
150kg x 1
170kg x 1
180kg x 1
185kg x 1
170kg x 3 x 3

These were tough.

That's it for the day.
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