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Re: Intermittent Fasting (IF) Where to start? (WFS)
that site has essentially everything you need to know, and is the most well known/ used IF format in most circles.

In general:
Less calories on off days, more on training days.
Post workout meal= biggest meal of the day.
Most of your carbs post workout.

for what its worth i followed a 16/8 schedule for about a year (not with the intent of IF, just because it works out that way) but i didn't cycle macros/ calories. I stated lean/ put on muscle etc. I felt good doing it, but now i follow something closer to a 15/9 or 14.5/9.5 schedule and it hasn't impacted me at all. That being said i do feel better following this type of approach than the days that i eat a 12/12 window, but can't really attest to its effectiveness in leaning me out since I was lean before starting this
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