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Re: Question: Anyone Who Has Attended or Participated in a PL Meet

Thanks Mark. Appreciate the help man.

Question for you experienced guys - I plan on doing some heavy singles in a couple weeks - if I put links to videos in this thread, would you mind looking at them and letting me know if you think they would pass?

Here is what I was kind of mapping out in my head for my 3 attempts:

Bench: 345 (i can get this for 3, non-paused), 365, 380 (this is my current heaviest - haven't tried it paused, but I will in the next couple weeks)
Squat: 400, 430 (current PR), 450
Deadlift: 510, 530, 550

But I may go a little lighter with my first attempts after hearing all the advice.
Thanks again!
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