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Re: LuRong seriously?

Hey guys,

I have some information about LuRong that might help your discussion. My name is Danny Putnam and I am a fellow CrossFitter. I work out with Coach B (Mike Burgener) in Bonsall, CA. Yeah BURPEES! I am also a former Major League Baseball player and the Co-Founder of LuRong Living. I appreciate the thoughts you have all shared and understand your questions. First off, I can tell you that as a professional athlete I would never have put my name next to a product that would threaten my career or my reputation, nor would I try to sell something that I didnít first experience the benefits myself.
I am not going to use this forum to advertise our company or our product, but I do want to provide some factual information that you can use to make any decisions you want. With that disclaimer made, here is some information you might be interested in. I apologize in advance if this post gets lengthy. We believe in educating, so I hope you enjoy the read.

1. LuRong Living Essential is not endorsed or approved by CrossFit HQ. They are not in the business of approving or promoting individual products. There may have been some confusion based on an affiliate link, and I apologize for any confusion (sorry Katie). However, the popularity of LuRong Living Essential has grown because of the results people are experiencing. We (Adam Greenberg CEO/Co-Founder and I) are Crossfitters and we are looking to help grow and support the sport and lifestyle of CrossFit in any way we can.

2. LuRong Living Essential is certified for Sport under the BSCG program
This certification scientifically proves that every batch of LuRong Living Essential is pure and clean, free of banned substances including anabolic agents and stimulants. The BSCG (Banned Substance Control Group) is led by Don Catlin one of the fathers of drug testing in sports and anti-doping research in the United States. He has worked side by side with everyone from the Olympic Games, World Cup, NCAA, MLB's Minor Leagues, and the NFL.
LuRong Living Essential is a natural whole food product, so it does not act like a steroid and we donít advertise it as such. As a whole food it naturally contains dietary levels of several nutrients that are missing from the modern diet. Velvet Deer Antler has been a staple in the diet of many traditional cultures for more than 2000 years and is still used in many dishes today including soups. The nutrients in LuRong Living Essential are digested naturally and utilized as food. Therefore, LuRong Living Essential doesnít act as a steroid. Jennifer, you are right in that the IGF-1 in LuRong is digesting, which is why it does not act as a precursor to HGH. The presence of IGF-1 is common to many animal products including meat and dairy. The reason LuRong works is because is not limited to one component like IGF-1.
The stories you have been hearing from around the Crossfit community are from people who have responded dramatically to the nutritional properties found in velvet antler as a whole food. Taking LuRong is essentially the same at taking a natural product like fish oil. We are all trying to supply our bodies with what it needs to be healthy and function optimally.

3. The Difference between LuRong Living Essential and the velvet antler sprays in the NFL: There was some noise in the media last January when NFL players were linked to an ďIGF-1 concentrated Deer Velvet Antler ExtractĒ. The spray products are advertised as extracted concentrates and some have altered delivery systems. One company was even found to produce a product that was spiked or contaminated with Methyl-T (synthetic steroid). What may have once been a natural product, they changed and altered into something entirely different. I could write about 5 pages about this, but I will summarize it this way- I cannot speak for other companies or what they put into their products, but LuRong Living Essential is left in its pure whole food form so the body will utilize the nutrient naturally. We donít extract any nutrients out and we donít add any in. What you get is powerful nutrition and nothing more.
I donít want you to just take my word for it. That is why we have gone the extra mile to get BSCG certification.

Sorry to get lengthy, and I probably didnít get to all these questions, but I hope this helps. If you have any questions or concerns I would be happy to do my best to answer them, and please feel free to share your thoughts.


Danny Putnam
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