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Brad Yowell
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I have been lurking on this website for sometime and recently have started to incorporate Crossfit as my fitness program. I just want to thank you all for the service you offer individuals through this website and open forum. It took a lot of research and reading to decide to give crossfit a try as it was different from anything I have ever seen. After a few weeks of crossfit I have noticed major changes in all aspects of my well being.

Anyway, i'll give you a little bit of background for my question. I am 6'4", 205, ~12-14%bf. I wouldn't mind putting on some mass, but strength is my main goal. I would also like to get my bodyfat in the 8-10% range. From your experiences, would it be best to start the general version of NHE initially to lean out and change to the bodybuilders plan or vice versa. Thanks for any help. Sorry if it was a little long-winded.
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