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Re: Milt's Log II

Nov 28, 2016

Hang snatch triples: 115#-115

Power snatch singles: 135#-165-175

Snatch: 165#-185-195(0 for 2)-205(0 for 1)-155-165 - had the heavier stuff locked out over head, just couldn't stand it up. Need to work on over head squats.

For time:
20 225# dead lifts
100m row
20 70# KB Swings
100m row
20 Burpees
100m row
20 pull-ups
100m row
20 24” box-jumps
100m row
20 45# dumb bell squat cleans
100m row
Time: 14:24

A nice workout, but didn’t do that well on the snatches today…was kind of rushed for them.
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