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Re: Gain Or Lose?

If you are looking to gain then I would eat at least 1g of protein per lb body weight (more is fine). From there you can adjust your carb and fat intake to reach the caloric intake you want to reach. Most people are at maintenance level calories at around 14-16 calories per pound so start around there and add calories as appropriate. Give it a couple of weeks and if you are gaining too fast cut it back, gaining too slow add more calories. Bulking is the easy part. Eat enough protein and other than that eat what you enjoy but just keep track so you know you are eating enough or too much. Also, you might want to play around with carbs/fats depending on your energy needs.

Here is a great article about what you can expect in terms of muscle gains: (WFS)

Since you don't want to put a lot of fat on I would make sure you aren't gaining faster than what you think you can add muscle wise (you will still gain fat, it is pretty much impossible not to).
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