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RDW's Log

I guess I could start a log.

Comments are welcome.

I'll start with Saturday 07/16/011

I did a WOD that was done at Bayou City CrossFit earlier this year. It consisted of 3 min at each station.

Station 1 was: Heaviest weight you could do an Overhead Squat with. I have not yet been able to do an Overhead Squat. Saturday I attempted it with an empty 45# bar, and I succeeded. You guys don't know how pumped I was to get it done. I threw 30more #'s on the bar and did it. The form was ugly, but the bar did not hit me in the head. So my heaviest weight was 75#'s, I know that's not a lot, but for me it was great.

Station 2 was:Most sit-ups done in 3min, I managed 65.

Station 3 was: Most burpees in 3 min, I managed 46.

Station 4 was Most KB swings with 53# KB in 3 min, I managed 50.

Sunday was an off day.

Today 07/18/11 was:

Ultimate Stretch, followed by 1,000 meter row.

The Strength portion was 5x5 Front squat with 65% of 1 RM. I did it with 140#'s

The WOD was an AMRAP in 15 min of the following:

5 dead lifts @225#'s prescribed, I did it with 220#'s

7 K2E

9 Push-ups

I managed 7 full rounds + 5 additional dead lifts, and 2 K2E's

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