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Nick - yes, back squat % is also based on 1RM clean

Neil - I would start making regular trips to la pharmacia. I think the reality is that you may have to sacrifice some degree of some aspects of fitness to seriously pursue one in particular. That said, those things can then be brought back up. The strength/metcon thing is the perfect example. To make serious weight/strength gains, you'll probably need to put metabolic conditioning on the back burner temporarily. But, once you've brought strength and BW up to desired levels, you can use those things to develop an even higher level of metabolic conditioning that you had before. Imagine doing Diane with a max deadlift of 275 lbs vs. with 400 lbs.

I think trying to combine 2, especially 3, different goals like that will just dilute the stimuli for each and result in a lot of wheel spinning. In my experience, metcon comes back very quickly. I would really recommend concentrating on size and strength for at least a couple months at a time and let the metcon go as it will, then bring it back up. It's a lot easier to maintain weight/strength while building metcon than build all together.
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