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Re: Question About Fees

Brian, that's some question!

Lots of factors determine pricing including - your experience, your box, quality of the instruction, your confidence, how much you feel you're worth, what people are willing to pay, what people pay at your competitors, the demographic of your perfect client, the results people are getting from your coaching / program, your professionalism and follow through, communication, your ability to "deliver the goods".

Why is it so much?...

Do you mean, "why isn't it free?" It is free - on the website. How much is "so much?" What's the value of a coach? What's the value of a GOOD coach? How much does Phil Jackson make? What value do you place on your health, life, and/or fitness? How much to you pay each month for the heap of metal, rubber and plastic that you call your car? Is your body, life, health worth more to you than your car? What do you think YOUR time is worth? Why do you pay more for one doctor, lawyer, dentist than another?

Sorry to answer your second question with a bunch of questions... but I think you're better served by answering those questions first, then you can figure out the answer your own original question.
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