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Introduction Message on Main Page

With CF growing so rapidly, a lot of the people familiar with it "get" what's going on. But, people outside the community basically have clue. So, I think the main page should definitely include an intro area, in the front/center of the page, that reads something like this:

Welcome to CrossFit is a large and quickly expanding community, and the term "CrossFit" can now be interpreted to mean multiple things. CrossFit is (a) a group of affiliate gyms, currently numbering over 1,500 worldwide, (b) a philosophy for training that emphasizes constantly varied, functional movements, performed at a high intensity, (c) an annual international competition intended to test physical fitness, which we define as "work capacity over broad time and modal domains," and (d) a suggested series of daily workouts (below), which can be scaled based on ability, but are set up to maximize general fitness for a trained individual with reasonably good work capacity and recovery ability.

CrossFit's training philosophy can be adapted to be effective for nearly any athlete to maximize strength and conditioning for their sport of choice. CrossFit currently has two programs specifically tailored to sports, CrossFit Endurance and CrossFit Football.

The workouts below, you will find, can generally be separated into heavy strength work and what we call "metcons." Metcons, or metabolic conditioning workouts, are often done in a way that often utilizes weightlifting, bodyweight movements, and traditional endurance all in one. These workouts are relatively unique to CrossFit, and are certainly worth trying. But, they should not be performed exclusively for one attempting to maximize fitness -- the strength work is essential as well.

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