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Re: Help me help my wife!

Motivation is a difficult subject, but a google search may prove useful. I say this, because everything really depends on the person.

I'll take myself as an example. I get motivated by encountering something difficult, I get motivation from adversity/difficulty (up to a reasonable point of course). Other people get motivation from community. Maybe if you two worked out together, she'd value the time together much more than the actual workouts. Whatever works. That's how I got my GF into working out with me, and when I moved to the States, she resumed swimming/running, but she definitely doesn't do Crossfit any more. That's fine, as long as she's active. Remember that Crossfit is not for everyone. Not everybody wants, or needs to deadlift 2xBW. Many women have stayed active well beyond their 100th birthday (ie.without turning into a vegetable), never having achieved a sub 3 Fran.

You know your wife best. Find out what motivates her, and try to incorporate that into training/progress measure. If it's Crossfit, great. If not, also good. Whatever you do, tell her that she *must* exercise. By your description, her BMI is 31.3, and I gather it aint muscle. Statistically, she could add 10-15 years of life just by exercising, eating healthy food and restoring her bmi to the normal range. Or, if she is motivated by fear, she is losing 10-15 years by doing nothing. It's important she starts taking care of herself asap.
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