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Doug Akers
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I think my WOD post today should have been placed here so I am going to add a copy below:

3rd day on Crossfit and I can barely move. I will try and make this brief...I have been playing around with kettlebells for almost 2 years but have never had any type of consistent routine and at 240lbs, I am far from being fit. However, I love the Crossfit concept and have been doing what I can to imitate you freaks of nature! (I mean that with respect) Pull ups kill me and I was hitting muscle failure just on the negatives yesterday!

Today I used two 53lbs kettlebells for the squat cleans and finished a sad time of 32:03. Therefore, 106?/1923= .055
Ten broken sets of 5 and fell down once. The last 800 was pathetic! I did the squat cleans in my backyard and although I didn't meet that crazy clown, I think I saw him staring at me from over the fence!

I apologize for the long post but this is my first and I wanted you all to know what a great thing I think Crossfit is and you are all an inspiration!

Doug (Newbie)

I have my Dymamax en route and am beginning to get my garage gym together!
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