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Re: after some help for my wife


Standard disclaimer: the following is to be used as general information. It does not constitute medical advice or treatment. For medical care consult your personal physician.

The answer to your wife's problem lies in the echo results: thickened valves and regurgitation. All of her symptoms are consistent with that finding. She needs a stress echocardiogram, a treadmill stress test of maximal tolerated exercise followed IMMEDIATELY by an echo. It should be done under the auspices of a cardiologist who is comfortable and familiar with young patients, athletes if possible but not necessary (the original cardiologist gave standard advice for sick people, not athletes).

Now, as to how to get such a doctor, here's some advice from a doc (incidently, I just visited a rather famous orthopedic surgeon with my oldest and had a very unsatisfying experience so don't think it's just you): lose the attitude that it's all physicians and all of medicine. Doctors, etc. get good at what they see all the time, and doctors will typically prescribe the safest course of action if they are out of their comfort zone. Politely ask the people on the phone at the doctor's office about the kind of patients they see, if they see athletes, etc. Ask if they will accept the tests you already have as a baseline (go elsewhere if the answer is no). Gently describe your wife's goals as well as her problem. Plan on calling multiple offices. Don't express your frustration to the person on the phone (she can't help). Have a script of questions so you don't get flustered by an answer and forget other questions. Put a smile in your voice--you want something from these people.

Who takes care of the local football team? The local university athletes? Rugby team? This is where to look. You may not get a better answer in the end, but right now you need another answer.

Good luck.
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