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Re: Getting Wife on CF

I don't think she be talking long about the "lack of cardio" (ha!) once she tries CF! She tried a scaled version of Fran on Sunday, but must not have paid close attention. She did a modified CFWU and 19, 17, 13 reps of 20# thrusters and assisted dips. She is sore and had trouble working the eloctroshocker (fisheries work) at work!

I have thought about asking her if she would like me to assist her on pull ups, but she has this real independent streak in her. I think I will offer and let her decide. She might be more willing if she keeps having to wait for people dorking around on the gravitron. I will also point out that I believe assisted pullups are more beneficial than the gravitron due to grip strength, core engagement, etc...correct me if I am wrong on that point, please! The only place she could do dips at home are on my rings (not ready even with assistance, I don't think) or on a bench, which could be a good place to start.

Today's WOD I will have her choose the BrandX version she would like to tackle...either 75, 150, or 250m. I just did the 400m version and I bet some soreness is in store!
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