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Re: Getting Wife on CF

Joel, it sounds to me like you're taking the right approach in trying to bring your wife into crossfit. Your enthusaism about her participating has to be noticed by her. You have an advantage in that she has previous athletic experience. What I find, when I first approach or explain crossfit to someone, is that if I'm not careful it sounds like a very extreme exercise regimine. Especially when they see the WOD posted. I'm sure you will, or already have, explained about scaling and the beginning programs for those new to crossfit. If I were trying to convince someone to take up or try crossfit, I would point out how it is a complete program, hitting ten important areas crucial not only to performance but to health: Strength, Agility, Speed, Balance...etc. Also, crossfit never gets boring, and if you can convince her to stick with it for awhile, it might become a little addictive. Hope this helps some. Best of luck.
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