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I had first posted about it a while back, and am happy to see, the big discomfort subsided some time later...

However, it still hasn't healed to 100%. I notice during pullups that I won't kip too violently or let myself stretch the shoulder girdle completely...

2 days ago I did my first bar muscleup (of which I was even more elated than my ring MUs approximately 9-10 months ago). I looked at it afterwards on video and saw that I propelled myself upward in a slanted stance, leaning to the right (my left shoulder is the one with the trouble).

I analyzed the video a bit more and saw that during the whole movement, my left arm won't go beyond a 90 degree angle as I close it to pull upwards. IN essence, my right forearm will touch my bicep while being stuck to my ribcage, while the left arm is almost parallel to the ground, in amuch more open angle and is acting like a hinge to do the transition. (Right pulls , left follows and helps get me above the bar).

The movement isn't as dramatic as I described, but it is noteworthy nonetheless. Now, I posted this because I think it may help pin down more exactly the type of shoulder difficulty I am having. I'll poste the video tommorow since it's on my cell phone and I need my laptop to do the IR transfer.

In any case, I hope this is just a case of some really hard massage...
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