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Re: Its me and it's her (the wife)

Friday morning – sore here, there and everywhere today.

Plan – Short and sweet

The whole idea about today was to keep everything short… by short I mean 1 minute.
The time limit is set to 1 min but it could be an AMRAP, a can you complete X number of reps within the minute, for distance, anything.
Wife would have 75% of the weight if possible or complete 75% in some movements to make it fair.
Some things took the full minute but other could be shorter.

Warm up
5min on the rower
General warm up with bands, pipe,
Some jogging and other stuff.

Hard to warm up as we had no idea what was to come.

Short and Sweet
between each minute we would have a little time to test it and get the feel or set up what was required.

My choice
1min on ABB – Can you complete 15/20 calories?

Wife – yes
Myself – yes

I chose this just to get the heart rate up to make things a little easier later. No problem for either of us.

Wife’s choice
1 min Single arm OH farmers walk – Can you complete 6 lengths of gym (6 x 15meters)? 14/24kgs (31/53lbs)
You must complete 3 on each arm in any order.

Wife – no, completed 5
Myself – yes

Wife messed up because she thought she had to swap arms every length, I went 3 left & 3 right… but only just

My choice
1min DU/SU – Can you complete 50/100 unbroken?

Wife – yes
Myself – yes

No problem for either of us, took around 30 seconds

Wife’s choice
1min KB Deadlift – AMRAP? 16/32kgs (35/70lbs)

Wife – 33
Myself – 33

Something went wrong on this because I speeded up after 30 seconds and was way ahead of the wife, I thought I did 33, wife said she completed 33.
So either I counted wrong or the wife counted wrong but I am sure I did more reps.

My choice
1min Air squats – Can you complete 30?

Wife – yes
Myself – yes

No issue, easy one to pace

Wife’s choice
1min T2Rings/T2high knees – Can you complete 15 unbroken?

Wife – yes (7 T2R + 8 high knees)
Myself – yes

Just hold on, only took just over 30 seconds

My choice
1min sit ups – Can you complete 30?

Wife – no - 26
Myself – no - 27

Something weird going on, I thought I was 2-3 ahead of the wife at least as I pushed it after 20 seconds. Apparently not according to the wife.

Wife’s choice
1min on Ski erg – For distance

Wife – 205 meters
Myself – 280 meters

Very close on that one, wife was 73% of my distance. I just beat her.

Wife’s choice
1min Devil presses – AMRAP 7/14kg DB’s (15/30lbs)

Wife – 9
Myself – 10

These are just horrible, I needed 1 more second to finish nr 11..

My choice
1min Ring pulls – 20 unbroken

Wife – yes
Myself – yes

Both clearly under the minute, wife paced her the whole way

Wife’s choice
1min Pull up bar – can you hand on for 1min

Wife – yes
Myself – yes

We both thought this might have been a little harder due to the fact that previous minute were very grippy.

Cool down
Chat and light stretch

Today was a lot of fun, not very serious but we both want to do our best and beat each other. Its not always about trying to kill each other, its nice to just do some fun stuff.
Better than today, stronger than tomorrow.
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