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Re: Its me and it's her (the wife)

Thursday morning both tired but looking forward to today.

Plan Partner in pain

Warm up
Set everything up first
Band and pipe work
Test warm up with all of the movements
Get the pulse up.

I would say it took 30min in total


40 min Ski-erg

@ the same time AMRAP

1 Power clean 27/50kg 60/110lbs
1 Pull up
1 DB OH walking lunges per leg 7/12kgs 15/26lbs
1 Push up

Increase by 1 rep after each completed round
We each follow our own round and rep count. This basically means that we both started on 1 rep and increased after each round.
As the ski-erg must always be moving it was a free for on how many rounds you wanted to complete before rotating. You must complete the actual round before you can rotate.
Keep this up for the 40min and feel the pain

How did it go?
Ski 560cals

Wife - completed 9 rounds + 5
Myself completed 9 rounds

Boy this hurt at the end, after 15min things started to settle in and we both found our pace. I started on the ski while the wife completed rounds 1-3, I then hit rounds 1-4, wife completed 4+5, I completed round 5 and from there we completed single rounds all the way home.
We went strict on the pull ups as far as we could and then kipped
On paper it does not sound that hard but you are actually pulling and pushing for 40min and the sweat is running off you after 20min. We were both pleased to actually rest on the ski-erg.

Cool down
Was a good 10min of doing nothing sweating
20 min to clean up and stretch
Better than today, stronger than tomorrow.
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