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Re: Its me and it's her (the wife)

Monday morning little tired from the weekend, apart from that feeling quite good.

Plan push or not to push!

Warm up
Shoulder mobility with bands
Pipe work
Jog and AAB to get rest of body to wake up
Warm up/set up first wod

Here we go
It was up to ourselves if we wanted to push it or not and by how much.

6 Rounds for time
150/200 Ski-erg
10 DB alternating snatches 8/16kgs 17.5/35lbs

Wife 8:23
Myself 8:19

Nice start to the day, got the pulse up. No time to think or worry, just do it. It was a very close race and the wife pushed the last ski hoping to catch me up but I could hear that so I pushed it a little harder too.

6 Rounds for time
150/200 Row
6 Burpees over the rower

Wife 9:11
Myself 8:02

This one was up and down. The burpees got the heart rate up and we tried to rest at a good pace on the rower. Wife is slower on her burpees but actually lost more time due to her being a little afraid of the jumping over the rower. This one did hurt.

6 Rounds for time
150/200 AAB
10 wallballs 6/9kg 14/20lbs

Wife 5:35
Myself 5:23

This one really sucked but the worst part was he wallballs. People at the gym have been using them as slam balls so the damn things are no longer round and the weight is not centralized which means that they not only rebound badly off the wall, they rotate in the air which also makes it awkward to catch the damn thing. I think we hit our max heart rate at the end of this one.

The rest between the wods was the time to clean up and set up for the next one.

Cool down
Sweat a lot and stretch for 20min

It did not seems that hard on paper but once you start you realize that this can get rough. We still wanted to beat each other, thats for sure
Better than today, stronger than tomorrow.
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