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Re: Its me and it's her (the wife)

Friday morning - now it's time for some fun after all the strength work the past 2 weeks.

Plan - fun

Warm up
General warm up
Pipe work
Get those KB's moving

10 x 100m Row

- Get as close to 100m. Cover screen so that you cannot see it.

For every meter under or over, you will directly complete:

1 KB swing
1 KB Goblet squat
1 KB walking lunge (front rack position)
1 KB S2O

Wife used 16kgs/DB and a 10kg for the S2O.
I used a 20kgs today.

How did it go:

Total: 26

-13 WTF.... i counted 8 pulls when it should have been 9, i messed up.
Total: 41

On the 10th round i switched it up and wrote 4 numbers on the wipe board, the numbers 30,35, 45 and 50. I told the wife to choose a number, she chose 45.... i added 100 and told her to hit 145 meters. This time she came up way short and had 9 of each.. i was better this time
She was way better than me today...

Partner DT
12 deadlifts
9 Hang power cleans
6 push jerks

Wife - 25kgs/55lbs, myself 50kgs/110lbs

We basically tried to split it 50/50. I hit the first 6 DL's then the wife hit 6 DL + 5 HPC's, then i continued with 4 HPC + 3 push jerks... and we continued like this for the 5 rounds rotating like that. it was a good end to the day.

Cool down
20min stretch
Better than today, stronger than tomorrow.

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