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Re: Its me and it's her (the wife)

Thursday - no workout for me, i played a round of golf but the wife actually went for a run adn ran 3.7km in around 22:30 which was quite good.

Friday - both a little tired and we hit the gym 40min later today. QUite different getting to the gym late, bit weird becasue normally the place is empty when we get there, now there was 15 people there.

Plan - keeping with the 2 week plan - legs

Warm up
4min on the AAB

light stretch of the legs for 5min

It was not about the weight today, it was all about the volume and quality.

This was basically UgoIgo all the way. Legs we pumped after this.
5 x 15 reps - leg extensions
5 x 15 reps - leg curls
6 x 10 reps/steps - walking lunges holding 10/20kg plate on back.

The above the was completed in preperation of the following:

15 x 4 reps Pause Front Squats 20/40kg barbell

The front squat was performed with a pause at the bottom of 4,3,2,1 seconds = 4reps. The thigh had to be just below parallel. We could rest as much as we wanted at the top. It was very important to hold a solid position, chest and elbows up throughout.

5 x 8 reps Front squats

And to finish it all off:

5min row/5min Ski each

Total 4050m/220 calories

Cool down
a good 20min stretch.

and that was that for this week.
Better than today, stronger than tomorrow.
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