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Re: Its me and it's her (the wife)

Wednesday and feeling well rested, sore in places which is to be expected. Seems to have a bit of a niggling pull in my flexor digitorum profundus, or in simple terms tennis elbos you would say but my niggle is deep in the muscle. This is from using an axe this weekend and the pounding shock was not that good.

Plan - Back & chest

Warm up
A good 15min band work for mobility of the shoulders, chest and back
Some light stretching of the arms on top of that

3x6 reps - Cable rows
3x6 reps - Lat pulldowns
3x6 reps - Close grip pulldowns
3x6 reps - Single arm DB rows on bench
6x6 reps - Back extensions

Great muscle contact from this. Pushed the weights a little more on the pulldowns and DB rows.

3x6 reps - Cable crossovers
3x6 reps - DB bench press
3x6 reps - DB flyes
3x6 reps - Push ups

Felt great after this.

The reason for completing back first is that people love chest and love to go 100% leaving not a lot to anything else. So we make sure we have good focus on the back and use whatever we have left for chest.

Cool down
20min stretch
Better than today, stronger than tomorrow.
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