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Re: Its me and it's her (the wife)

Tuesday and we are both sore around the glutes and quads, which means that yesterdays workout was worth it.

Keeping with the wife's Plan - shoulders and arms

Warm up
A good 15min band work for mobility of the shoulders
Some light stretching of the arms on top of that

Shoulders and arms
I never kept track of the weights we used for today, that would have been to much work. We never went to failure on any set but i would say we went maybe 60-70% on everything.

Around 30 seconds rest between sets was allowed. Set up for next movement ASAP to keep th eflow.

3x6 reps - Shoulder press behind the neck with barbell (standing)
3x6 reps - Upright barbell row (Standing)
3x6 reps - Seated DB shoulder press
3x6 reps - Seated DB Arnold press
3x6 reps - Seated DB Lateral raises
3x6 reps - Seated DB bent over rows

This felt good today, the shoulders felt great afterwards but not burned out. next time round we will push the weight and blow them shoulders out.

3x6 reps - Barbell curls
3x6 reps - Close grip bench press
3x6 reps - Incline DB curls
3x6 reps - Lying DB tricep presses
3x6 reps - Hammer curls
3x6 reps - Tricep pushdowns

All good, somewhat of a pump after this. Going for a major pump the next time round.

Cool down
We did some DU/SU's as we have not done these for a while, i did around 200 Du's and the wife 500+ SU's, felt really stable for the both of us.

stretch/mobility for 20min
Better than today, stronger than tomorrow.
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