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Re: Its me and it's her (the wife)

Tuesday morning, both showing signs of soreness in the legs today. We both slept well but woke up 30min early which means we will be tired tonight.

Plan - back to basics, shake the rust off

Warm up
4min on the AAB nice and easy

Pipe and band work to get the upper body going
Warm up legs and make sure we have full mobility.

a good 25min today

Back to basics
We have not snatched, C&J the past 2 months (pre and post knee surgery) and now it is time to test them. We both know that we are going to be rusty on these and the goal was to get back into it. The weight was not important, take it as far as we liked but the lifts must be good. It takes the same amount of brain and muscle power to complete a bad lift as it does a good lift, so why waste it. Quality all the way today.

1 clock
10 min - Drop Snatch (Snatch Balance)
15 min - Snatch
15 min - C & Jerk
15 min - Deadlift

We never kept count of the reps, this was all by feel but we completed multiple reps on the final weights.

Wife took weights to:
Drop Snatch - 12.5kgs/27.5lbs
Snatch - 15kgs/33lbs
C&J - 35kgs/77lbs
Deadlift - 85kgs/187lbs

I took weights to:
Drop Snatch - 50kgs/110lbs
Snatch - 55kgs/122lbs
C&J - 75kgs/165lbs
Deadlift - 160kgs/352lbs

The reason for the the drop snatch is a dynamic snatch receiving position exercise that adds more demand on technique, precision and speed. The drop snatch is a good choice of exercise to develop speed and aggression in the final part of the snatch turnover, to develop precision in bar and foot placement and posture in the snatch turnover, and to develop strength and confidence in the receiving position of the snatch. This was the perfect exercise before progressing into the snatch and also a confidence builder. After 10min we both felt great and the speed and stability was there.

Snatch went well from the start. It shows we have been away from it for a while but after 5min or so and the lighter weight things really picked up. The drive and speed under the bar was there, but most important we received the bar in the hole and was so stable. All that technique work really pays off and shows itself at these times.

From the snatch into the C&J was very simple, the body had the speed from the snatch which made it simple to get things going. Speed under the bar and so explosive in the jerk.

Deadlift was basically added for a bit of fun at the end but in the back of my mind also driving from the heels. The hammies started to feel it when the weight went up which also confirms that yesterdays workout did it's thing.

We were both pleased with how things went and very pleased with the weights. The most important thing to come from today was that i felt nothing in my knee at any time, this means that it's full speed ahead now. I have checked everything with my knee so now i can do everything but i am still going to be smart before the really heavy weights come again.

Cool down
clean up and stretch for 20min
Better than today, stronger than tomorrow.
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