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Re: Its me and it's her (the wife)

Hi Vic, i think i am past 50% right now. I am going through the movements methodically testing them. Now that i know i have full mobility again with no pulling on the scars which is good. I have started to load the legs/knees which feels really good but i have not started on bouncing movements such as Du's, box jumps, C&J and snatch yet. I am going to test them a little next week and go from there. On the whole i am pleased with how the past month has gone.

Thursday morning - both of us slept better, a little sore here and there but nothing to complain over, it was a good soreness. Oh and the wife was in a good mood .

Plan - Partner - It's all about distance!

Warm up
General light stretch and mobility
pipe and band work
set up and test the first part of today

20min at most today.

It's all about distance!
Share the load however we wanted to but the skierg/rower has to keep moving.

Partner 20 min Skierg for distance

@ the same time

Medball Carry 20 meter lengths 23/40kgs (50/88lbs) Strongman style (on your shoulder)

3634 meters
65 lengths (1300 meters)

Partner 20 min Row for distance

@ the same time

KB Farmers Carry 20 meter lengths 20/32kgs (44/70lbs)

4109 meters
52 lengths (1040 meters)

We both really enjoyed this but the second part was harder. A good amount of core stability required for this, no slouching at all, row and KBs was quite grippy towards the end. On the medball carry the wife complete 10's and i 12 lengths at a time until the final round. On the farmers carry it was 6 lengths all the way but we had to drop them after every length and turn around as i did not want to turn with them in my hands and put stress on my knee with the twisting.

Cool down
a lot of sweating and stretch for 20min or so.
Better than today, stronger than tomorrow.
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