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Re: Its me and it's her (the wife)

Monday morning.... well rested from the weekend but did not sleep that well last night for some reason. This won't affect the plan for today.

Plan - Partner (the whole week is going to be based on partner workouts)

Warm up
A couple of minutes on the AAB
Some pipe work and some shoulder work with bands

about 15min in total i would say.
The reason for the short warm up was because we treated partner 1 more or less as part of the warm up.

Partner 1
Share the load as required. Rotate between movements as needed.

100 Cal AAB - for time

@ the same time complete

50 OHS with PVC pipe

Time - 8:30

This was not hard at all, basically something light to start with to get the heartrate up a little.

Partner 2
Wife started on the rower and i started on the G2O. Rotate E2MOM

3 km Row for time (no straps)

@ the same time E2MOM complete

8 Ground to overhead 25/50kgs (55/110lbs)

Time - 13:52

The G2O got the heartrate up. They were all singles, no TnGo. We would get roughly 40-60 seconds rest as it took time to get between the rower and the bars.

Partner 3
I started on the Skierg this time. Rotate E2MOM

2 km Skierg for time

@ the same time E2MOM complete

4 Burpees
8 DB Snatch 9/10kgs + 22kgs (20/22lbs/50lbs)

Time - 9:42

No stress at all on this one but i had a goal to get under 10min which we did. I must say all of our transitions were really smooth on all of the workouts today.

Cool down
Stretch for 20min
A great start to the week
Better than today, stronger than tomorrow.
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