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Re: Crossover Symmetry or similar

Originally Posted by Steve Agocs View Post
My gym owner is looking into Crossover Symmetry. I am a little familiar with the system and I know there are similar products out there like Stroops Slastix and others. My main history with elastic tubing and bands is from a chiropractic rehab perspective, and things like basic Theraband probably wouldn't do well in a gym environment.

I think he's looking at it for building up shoulder strength with a little isolation (gasp) and shoulder protection. Likes, dislikes, alternative systems to look at, etc etc? We'd probably be mounting it to our rig rather than to the walls. Thanks in advance!!!
Crossover Symmetry works. I did a write up of a DIY version I made on my website that you can find here: (wfs)

That being said, I'm sure the bands on the system are better and what you're really paying for is the training protocols which can only be had through purchasing from them.
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