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I would be a little hesitant. And by that, I mean do your research and really check the workouts, and get proper advice. I am on my 3rd pregnancy that I have worked out in. Some workouts, including even on Crossfit mom, seem to contradict obstetrical advice (I understand that even obstetrical advice conflicts with itself but some are general, such as deadlifts & a possible link to placental abruption, flat bench and oxygen flow).

Don't get me wrong, I've been in my Oly gym daily (I'm 6 months) and until 41 weeks with another. But I've also seen pictures of women in CF gyms doing things that are generally considered unwise in pregnancy and then captions of "You go girl!" or whatever... I think there is a balance to be struck. We need to stay fit for labour and recovery, but it's also not the time to prove a point either.
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