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Re: Its me and it's her (the wife)

A bit late on posting my workout today

Tuesday morning and boy were we both so tired today and sore in the upper back region which was to be expected

Plan for today – do we go for maximum rest or do you go slow

Warm up
Set up the first part
Warm up as necessary with pipes and the movements, plus whatever else we needed
Test for the loads we wanted to use and number of cals/reps
Good 20min in total

EMOMS today
3 x 9 min EMOM – all intended to get the whole body going

EMOM 9 – part 1
Min 1 – 7/10 calories Ski-erg
Min 2 – 15 Box step ups 20/24”
Min 3 – 10 KB Swings 12/20kgs

It was up to ourselves if we wanted to go full on and complete each movement quickly or not. With this being the first part of the day we both took it a little easy.
I would say between 15-30 sec rest depending on the movement. Started to get a sweat on.

EMOM 9 – part 2
Min 1 - 7/10 calories AAB
Min 2 – 5 Super strict Pull ups (wife assisted)
Min 3 – 10 DB Power cleans 8/16kgs

Both went for it on the AAB to get it out of the way, heart rate was up and lowered in time for the pull ups. Both smart on the AAB as we only pushed with our arms to save them for the pull ups.
A lot of rest on all 3 movements

EMOM 9 – part 3
Min 1 – 150/200 meters Row
Min 2 – 10 KB Goblet squats 18/28kgs
Min 3 – 10 push ups

This was the hardest one of the 3 today. The goblet squats suck but the push ups didn’t take more than 10-12 seconds to complete.

Everything felt well balanced today. Good form all the way through, nothing complicated, basic and just enough. We both very much enjoyed today.

Cool down
Clean up and stretch for 20min.
Better than today, stronger than tomorrow.
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