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Re: Gabriel Crossfit Logs

Hi everyone,

Got back to training yesterday, Monday and Tuesday were rest days, yet I'm still not feeling 100% since the weekend games.

Our coach prohibited the weekend competitors from doing official weights this weeks, so It's all light mode:


Technique: Deadlift (hands facing body only) 5 - 5 - 5 - 5 85 kg (light mode, like I said)


2 rounds for time of:
25 Box Jumps (High)
50 KB Swings (20kg)
75 Push Press (20 kg)
100 Double Unders

Time: 19:37

So, Friday is a national holiday here in Brazil, since there is no college or work I'll be travelling with my GF to her country house till Sunday. Don't know much WOD's to do over there but will figure something out.
Sorry for my english error's.
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