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Re: Gabriel Crossfit Logs

I finished 31º on Brazil Crossfit Games, for my first time I think Is excelent.

I broke some serious records:

Snatched 65 kg on the snatch ladder, twice!

On the 4º WOD we did:

3 Rounds of:
140 kg Deadlift x4
100m run with 20 lbs Medball
12 KB Swings 32kg
100m run with 20 lbs Medball

10 minutes time cap

I actually finished in 5:54, for me it was surprising, since my PR in Deadlift was 150 kg.

I got eliminated on the 5º WOD:

4 5m Rope Climbs
10 OHS 50kgs
About 500m run with 13 kg sac (two stairs on the course)
3 Rope Climbs
10 OHS
500m run
2 Rope Climbs (I stopped here)
10 OHS
500m run
1 Rope Climb
10 OHS
500m run

I have never been able to OHS properly, I have a serious flexibility problem with my shoulder that I'm working hard to do it, my max was 42kg nad I had never tried with 50 kg. To do 20 of those was for me the most amazing thing on all the competition WODs.

Unfortunately the 3º WOD was cancelled due to some problems with the referres not marking properly on each athlete sheet.

But it was amazing, and it showed how much I've progressed and how strong my mind and body can be, I'll continue training as hard as possible and my next objective is to eliminate my weaknesses and get to the South America Regionals.
Sorry for my english error's.
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