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Post Gabriel Crossfit Logs

Hello everyone,

I’ve trained Crossfit seriously for about an year now (done allot of martial arts in my life and Parkour), and this weekend there is going to be Brazil CF Games 2012, which I am participating as an athlete, but haven’t got high hopes on winning, just having fun.
So, I’ll be starting up this log to share my daily WOD’s, progressions and weaknesses with the CF community in hopes you guys can help me out on tips and etc.

I work all day from 8am to 5pm, train Crossfit at an affiliate in São Paulo from 6 to 7pm and go to college from 7:40 till around 10:30pm, usually going to bed at almost midnight and getting up at 7am.
I try to work out at least 6 times a week, eat around 6/7 times a day, and my goal right now is to develop better Oly lifts strength and resist. for WODs like Fran and Grace. I do very well on bodyweight workout but kind of fall behind when it comes to the weights.

Last Fran: 3:33;
Last Grace: 4:20;
Age: 20
Weight 154 lbs
Height: 67,7 inches (1,72 m)
Won’t post my PR’s because I have all my notes in the book that I leave at the affiliate (Crossfit Brasil), but you’ll know from my posts.
So, here goes yesterday:

Weighted Pull Ups 3 – 3 – 3: 60 lbs.

8 Rounds for time:
12 Wall Balls (20 lbs)
12 Box Jumps (High box)
Time: 4:24
Sorry for my english error's.
"Etre fourt pour etre utille" - George's Hebert, Methode Naturelle.
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