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Jon Matzner
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I am interested in starting a CF training group based out of my school, UPENN in Philadelphia PA. As a preface, I have no crossfit certs or any instruction other than what I read here. The goal would be to just get a small group together who would train together/swap ideas etc. There is a possibility that it could get recognized in some informal/semiformal capacity by the school. Does this infringe on the affiliate concept? I don't want to rob any business from the guys out at Crossfit Philly- that certainly seems unfair. At the same time, I would be an informal leader, participant, and no money would be involved for me or anyone else. The workouts would be either outdoors or in our school's gym. I am not sure where the line is drawn between affiliate and informal training group..... any ideas, past guidelines, or rules to follow? The last thing I want to do is take something that clearly isn't mine.
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