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I was doing a workup to 1RM on squats today, and when I was at about 80% of my previous 1RM I was doing 8 reps, and on the 6th rep I got a kinda sharp pain, thought it was my belt/shorts pinching something (I was lazy and didn't change into exercise shorts today), I went for the 7th and at the bottom of the squat, same thing, only more intense, and this time it was a burning until I finally got the bar back on the squat cage mount.

The pain I felt was basically, imagine you've got a belt on, it'd be right under the belt, about 1 1/2 to 2 inches from the center of your torso (the line your belly button is in). It kinda felt like a surface pain, but also didn't feel like a surface pain, it was weird.

I thought it was odd, so I took off the belt and did another set of 3 just to try it, it seemed fine. So I went up to 92% of my previous 1RM and was going to do a set of 6 (I smelled a personal record coming on), I got to number 3 and the same intense pain came back, and I had to stop again, ...

So rather than be pigheaded, I'm sitting on the computer trying to figure out what the heck happened. I don't think it was a pinching thing, maybe a pulled muscle? I'm hoping not a hernia, or anything else that may need long term rest or surgery. It definitely doesn't feel serious, I have zero pain right now, and if I poke around on those muscles (flexed or relaxed) it doesn't hurt, and I don't feel any huge bulges or anything, so I'm fairly sure it's not a hernia, but who knows, I'm no doctor.

Anyhow, anyone have any ideas? Maybe just a near-pulled or pulled muscle?
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