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Our first ever CFT

Well, I promised myself, no matter what I did, I would post my first ever CFT here for everyone to see, as motivation and proof that this stuff works!

I actually was surprised at our numbers. We've been solid CF for 3 weeks. Here's the damage:

Me 37yo, 229lbs, 5'10":
DL 215.5, BS 210, SP 99, CFT 524.5. I stopped my shoulder press at 99 because of some pain in my elbow that I didn't want to see how bad it would hurt if I upped the weight.

Wifey 37yo 5'7" doesn't want me to post her weight..... yet :
DL 149.5, BS 122, SP 77, CFT 248.5.

Thanks everyone for all your support so far, it really does help.
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