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Re: deb - WOD Bod Log

2.14.09 Sunday REST DAY
43 Burpees (2:55)/43 DU (broken)
This was awful, after a day of not the best eating (chocolate! mini donuts!) and a big dinner. Ugh! And, Im losing it - it wasn't day 43 of the challenge, it was day 42! Foam roll & stretch.


43 Burpees (2:17 this am - just coffee. yay! pace was better than usual this am, rest day yesterday helped)
Back on the train w/eating today; eggs spinach & orange/blueberry juice, fish oil for bfast; salmon for am snack; turnips, eggplant, 1/2 sweet potato, spinach, roasted brussel sprouts, & beef for lunch, pear & banana with walnut butter, cinnamon & ginger pm snack; broccoli & salmon for dinner.

Row 500, situps, pushups, squats, back ext., shoulder mobility & stretch
5 Rounds of 10 each, with dowel:
Push Press
Front squat
we did this with Fran too, gotta remember to ask why...

Descending ladder: 115# (75#)
push press
front squat
14:00 75#...

Last time was 18:47 on 7/19/09.... front squats still stink! You'd think with such a long torso I'd be good at them but no. I have the bar in my throat, elbows UP, and its still SLIPPING on my sweaty shoulders (eewww, I know!), which wrecks everything! Meanwhile Coach is reminding me to go lower...

Worked a little on kip/pullups. Still don't know whats wrong, maybe not leaning back far enough or pulling too soon??

Tonite: 43 double unders at home(broken, largest block was about 25. These are so much easier when I'm fresh!! Been short on time in the am lately...)

Foam roll & stretch.
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