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Homemade squat rack vs Powerline squat rack

So I found 300 pounds of weight and an oly bar on CL for 140. Score of a deal.

I originally figured I'd make some squat stands. 45 to 60 pound stands sound a bit light to me. I could squat that much weight and I will probably go out and buy some additional plates depending on what the set includes.

I found one of the powerline squat racks shipped for 125 on ebay. Pretty good deal. When it starts nearing 200 for some others, I get wary as it's starting to really eat away my budget. I tried looking into buying a cage since the self spotters would be nice, but it's just too much money ( besides space ). Building a cage might be a possibility. Or just buying one down the road.

Do you think many of these wooden squat stands with concrete buckets can take 300+ of weight? I figure I can make some robust stands with bigger wider and deeper buckets. It might up the costs a bit, but I don't have access to any welding equipment.

So, robust home made stands or the powerline rack for 300+ pounds?
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