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Re: full body rehabilitation program?

Originally Posted by Nada Hassan View Post
I was cutting weight the last 2 months ; my strength hasnt suffered at all though but i get what you mean ; for me the calorues i need to take in has always been a mystery that im looking to solve eating based on my calculated bmr and tdee has always caused me to gain weight . Apparently my tdee is 2556 cal and bmr is 1683 but if i eat more than 1700 i gain weight? Still cant figure it out!!
If you gain weigth (fat I suppose) above 1700, maybe you should assess your level of stress.

When stress goes to the roof the TDEE can crash and you will become fatter just by looking at food.

Calculations on the calorie intake are, at best, rough estimations. The flow of your life can impact it so much (stress, activity level, sleep quality, ...) it is impossible to put a precise and definitive number on it.
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