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Re: full body rehabilitation program?

Pretty much just chiming in to agree with Brendan here.

Cut out the running and take walks. You can row if you want, I wouldn't try to see if you can make yourself puke but short or long rows are fine IMO.

No Box jumps or any other silly crap. Jump roping is probably ok. Wallballs fine.

Bodybuilding isn't really a bad idea. Pretty much never a weight less than 15 reps, 15, 20 or 25 reps. Also don't do insane volume. 3-4 sets maybe. None of it should really be strenuous. RPE of nothing above 6 basically.

Definitely gotta sleep and eat. When you can sleep again sound, you can worry about training hard again. Not until then. Eat some carbs, eat some ice cream just don't get too crazy with it and eat all the junk food in sight. Some can be therapeutic not "Imma eat all of them to recover faster."

Feel free to nap if/when you can or just lay down. I haven't really been taking naps in a long time but I do like to lay down or in bed sometimes and read or just listen to music. Sometimes I'll watch tv and do mobility stuff while on the floor.

I might leave in bar work for snatches and clean jerks just so you don't completely forget them. Even this can be a bit stressful.

As long as you don't get silly with BW movements, you can probably do them. No kipping. Almost right between bodybuilding and play.
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