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Thanks for the comments everyone. This was my third date with Cindy, and as of today I have always used assistance (green jump-stretch band), going from 10 rounds to 16 rounds to 18 today with two rounds of unassisted. I am trying to strike a balance between strength and metabolic on this one, and feel like I've done it so far. I don't want to soley focus on strength because I started this program in September due to being diagnosed with metabolic syndrome (high BP, cholesterol, resting pulse, and weight starting to climb). I need the metabolic work in addition to the strength, and frankly I'm just a normal guy looking to be fit through a broad range of areas. The only reason I brought this up was to make sure that my reasoning for the assistance was sound. Strength is increasing well enough to keep me satisfied, and all of the metabolic indicators are back to normal (even starting to shade lower) for me. As was stated, I guess everyone has different goals. I will never be monster strong (at 19 I weighed 107, at 155, 37 YOA), but I am above novice on all of Coach Ripps strength standards. I'm getting there...
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