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Re: hitting a wall

Originally Posted by Kenneth Cheung View Post
1. shoulders, Brenden, you mentioned overhead shoulder strength to be a top priority - whats the rational, and any suggestions for how to do this?
You press 105 at a body weight of 185. About 56% of your body weight. Would like to see that number between 75% and 100% of body weight. 100% is tough if your CrossFitting not just power lifting. Will make a lot of met-cons with barbells easier.

Originally Posted by Kenneth Cheung View Post
2. given the above format, any thoughts on reverting to 5x5 for the lift component? adding oly lifting to that mix. - is there something better that i should follow?
Oly lifting I would separate into skill days and heavy days. I would do one of each a week. Skill days can be done before lifting. Things like 5x5 squat snatch touch and go at 60% of 1 RM on the minute (OTM). This is designed for improving the skills a CrossFitter needs, not for trying to do well in a weightlifting meet. I would do the heavy day on Saturday. This will mean your not super fresh for it but you will benefit the most from the linear progression power lifting for now.

If you are progressing on 5x5 then use it. Whatever you choose modify it so you press twice for every time you bench.
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