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Re: Type 1 Diabetic - what to eat before WOD?

First of all, he's type 1 for 30 yrs and doesn't know this already??? Meh. That is sad. I've had type 1 for 13 yrs, and for ME,under high stress workouts, my blood sugar goes UP, not down, due to cortisol related dump of glycogen (in response to stress) by the liver. He needs to educate himself as a type 1, no type 2's will have the same response to exercise, so they should not give advice here- They are very different diseases, and following what a type 2 would do will get him into trouble.
If he drops low during WOD's, he needs to make sure he doesn't have short acting insulin in circulation from his last pre-meal shot, which means not taking any at least 3 hrs before a WOD, as 30% of short acting insulin is used each hour after injecting. If this is not the case, eating a SMALL amount of carbs (like glucose tabs that are easily measurable) could be helpful. A 4 gram tab of glucose should raise blood sugar 20 points, so he could measure how much he drops, and plan accordingly.
Here are some great books that will help him- "Diabetes Solution" by Dr. Richard Berstein, and "Diabetic Athletes Handbook" by Sheri Colberg, PHD...I learned more from these books than from all my endocrinologists and "diabetes educators" combined. Hope this helps.
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