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Re: Just wanted to point out another horribly written Anti Paleo article!!!

This is the best comment on the article.

Originally Posted by Josh Stiglets View Post
So let me get this straight - ACE is ag advocating against a diet where lean proteins, healthy fats, vegetables and fruits, and whole unprocessed foods are the priority? And ACE is advocating diets that are comprised mostly of antinutrient processed gluten-based carbs that are contributing to the obesity and diabetes epidemic Americans face? Let's get in the 21st century ACE. While I don't subscribe to the Paleo diet, their nutrition principles are closer to mine than the ridiculously unsound Food Pyramid conspiracy that's based solely on government lobbyists and big Agriculture money. And I have been eating this way for 15 years and my health and blood labs just continue to improve, and my clients that adopt my nutrition style see an improvement across the board on their labs in as little as 60 days. Proof is in the pudding. This article, along with most other ACE nutrition articles, are unsound, based on no kind of true science, and very poorly written. We feed grains to livestock for what reason? To fatten them up! And we are doing the same thing to ourselves. We take the cows away from their green grass vegetable diet and what happens to the cow's lipid profile? Bye bye healthy lipid profile full of Omega 3s and CLA; and hello unhealthy lipid profile. I could go on for weeks on this subject.
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