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Re: Just wanted to point out another horribly written Anti Paleo article!!!

Originally Posted by Jonathan Polakowski View Post
Being an ACE certified professional this article makes me cringe and seems so self serving and loosely based its not even funny.

I didn't think the article was too bad at all. It had some good points about the pitfalls of following an uber-strict Paleo diet, and it did attempt to be fair in its assessment and pointed out the almost unarguably positive aspects of a Paleo diet (eliminating processed foods, fewer refined sugars, etc.). The last section of the article, "Is the Paleo Diet Even Healthy?", was a bit rubbish in my opinion. It steered away from discerning assessment and went more in the direction of 1990s food chain adherence and "whole grains are the holy grail of health" mentality. It also had some pretty awful quotes from apparent nutritional experts... Here's the one that really stood out to me:
Dr. Felicia Stoler, exercise physiologist and president of the Greater New York chapter of the American College of Sports Medicine, demurs: “Bread has been around for thousands of years, which means it can’t be that harmful. Rice is very popular everywhere. Something about starchy carbs is very appealing to most humans.”

All in all though, I don't think this article deserves the demonizing it's receiving.
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